Bankrupt Brexit


Hard boiled Brexit bollocks
Blinkered bumbling buffoons
Bringing Britain to the brink
Believing backward billionaires
Banking on a bankrupt Britain
Hungover broken bewildered Britain

Age Of Obedience


It’s the age of obedience
always meet the deadline
expect to be expedient
with the decline of society


It’s the age of obedience
no lord to usher in deliverance
unless you sign up to amazon prime
church roof you’ll be sublime


It’s the age of obedience
subservience to the pound signs
who remembers subprime lending
ready for some insider trading?


It’s the age of obedience
enslaved to our own slavery
ideological surgical stupidity
based upon our herd mentality


It’s the age of obedience
Free speech an anachronism
remediate our individualism
in exchange for totalitarianism

It’s the age of obedience
Thought crime x factor audience
Prepare to toe the line
Or you’ll end up doing time

Obey the corporations
They care about your happiness
They fight for our welfare
Obey the corporations
They love us they really care
They are the common good
Obey the corporations
They are just misunderstood

Corporations are good
Corporations are love
Corporations are happiness

Accountable Shadows


I woke up an alien in a foreign land,
This place I was born in I no longer understand
These sadistic statistics manifesting realistic nightmares
Dystopian Dickensian diatribes realised in the 21st century

Media barons minimizing minority struggles
Proselytizing the news instead of analysing events
Festering racist monopolies running rampant
A ruinous metropolis foreboding times of troubles

Suited rulers ill suited to rule dictating our destinies
Democratic decisions deciding the ruling secrets
Back room talks in darkened rooms controlling supremacies
Faceless and nameless heredities conjuring their concealments

Cracked Windscreen Called Life


Stuck in the fast lane
And going in reverse
Try put the breaks on
It just makes things worse

On the outside looking in
At the end of my journey
When will it begin
I thought I saw an angel
Yet I’m living in sin

Curtains begin to close
We take our final bow
We smash into the verge
Our souls have one last surge

What is left for us to say?
We lived with our regrets
Now come what may.

Narrators Of Hate


A policy of poverty
Reinforcing racist realities
Brim filled hateful debates
They’re undercutting our rates
A misdirecting narrative
Controlling the flow of debate
Breaking the flood gates
Prepare to drown in our hate

A policy of poverty
Depriving the majority
Driving the desperate death
Starvation with no salvation
Safety net is no safe bet
Food banks a necessity
DWP? Expect thanks
Frog marched to slavery

A policy of poverty
Promoting our inequality
Shaping our animosity
Fueling our rage
While keeping us caged
Taking our hard earned labour
Banking vampires of old
Souls commodities to be sold

A policy of poverty
Enriching a minority
Society shaping kings
Manipulating shadowy empires
Ruling as the elite
Now and then throw us a treat
March to the beat of their drum
If you want to survive the setting sun

Mining The Movement


You can’t kill an idea
Even if they kill our man
We have power
They can never understand
The labour betrayers
Have it in for the Tory slayers
Undermining our legacy
Wilfully spitting on our history
It’s time to finish the war
That started with the miners

And you, Brutus?

Labour betrayers
Coming for the Tory slayers
Undermining which underlines
The need for Corbyn
We got to plant the seed for Corbyn

Labour haters
Labour haters
Blairite money makers
Rites of passage
Corrupt the message
Electability leadership
Principles sinking ship