Profit, suit you sire.


Cry out in despair as our futures reduced to ash
Prosperity for the powerful, poverty for all
The absurdity goes right to the core of the system
Obscurity of the button pushing power plays
Jack out remove your social programming

Subservient like a Victorian servant
It’s not prim and proper to make demands
Your betters know what’s best
You can’t know what’s in your own interest
So defer decision making all to me
I already have it with all this money
When push comes to shove you’ll see

There is profit in this poverty pyramid
Mind your step there are plenty of traps
But not for me I’m the lord with all the land
Have you got a light for my red tape bonfire
Now sit and wonder why we are all going ape

Lives are worthless, profit from the powerless
The mantra of the madman money men

Hall of Mirrors


Welcome to the synthetic world
A symposium of deceit
Duplicity in our own demise
Whirled the heads of authenticity

Illusionary truths of conformity
Missionary espousing philistines
Hidden philosophic emission minds
Conformity imagery compulsory

A cremated Ideological heretic
Prodigal propaganda of prophecy
Sympathetic plight decimated
Helotry decoded symmetry