Hall of Mirrors


Welcome to the synthetic world
A symposium of deceit
Duplicity in our own demise
Whirled the heads of authenticity

Illusionary truths of conformity
Missionary espousing philistines
Hidden philosophic emission minds
Conformity imagery compulsory

A cremated Ideological heretic
Prodigal propaganda of prophecy
Sympathetic plight decimated
Helotry decoded symmetry

The Moses Massacre


We talk of the migrant crisis not a humanitarian crisis.
not a war crisis caused by dropped bombs on villages
We talk of a migrant crisis, not a desperation crisis
as starved suffering people are forced to wonder the earth
In biblical times we called it an exodus this is an execution
Listen to the media it is referred to as a humanitarian intervention
turn to the back of page 67 for the correction

What of our moral obligation to help those we made suffer
you can keep police man of the world what we need is a mother
Where we spread hate and fear there should be love
it shouldn’t be bombs we’re dropping down from above
You can’t heal the world at the end of a gun
We turn a blind eye but don’t turn the other cheek
God said the meek would inherit the earth
yet the future of the earth is now looking so bleak

Where is our humanity and our compassion
instead we’re all consumed with whatever the latest fashion
Bodies washing up on beaches it isn’t all peaches and cream
but what about your suntan what about your holiday view?
stop being so selfish seldom are we 100% British
Who cares about the keys to the kingdom
when the kingdom is built upon the bones of the dead

We talk of a migrant crisis but the true crisis
is the crisis of our own humanity
Now if you have got a soul left to save
its time to stand up and be brave
Cut through the media bullshit and the political spin
its time we helped so stop reading and lets begin.