The Devils Children


Thatcher threw a brick through my window
shattering our society into shards of individuality
its the great free for all on British industry

Thatcher took a cleaver to my community
The clever tricks by pin stripe media pricks
Its left a sour taste from town to country

Thatcher gave birth to a two headed dragon
Blair and Cameron the spawn of Satan
Spewing their vile bile across the whole nation

Thatcher a witches work is never done
lets hope you’ve set with the son

21st Century Lords


This is the rally cry of the welfare state
It’s time to rebel peasants
It’s never too late
Lets steal some pheasants from our Lords estate
Take back through force
what they take with deceit
Push them off their royal seat
But only with the suns seal of approval
get back on your knees and grovel

Dodgy backroom deals
squirreling away public assets
its an NHS car boot a bring and buy
They’ve crashed the economy
emergency reboot!
Our society its up for grabs
turn your back their ready to stab

Whose interests are they representing?
Corporate greed for corporate fiends
smoking on the cock of money
as they breed their pig monstrosities
ivory towers filled with stolen treasures
hidden caves on the ivory coast
playing football under the watchful eye
of Thatchers ghost

Trapped in a petri dish called life

We have a culture of negativity
cultivating our captivity
While it enslaves every country
turn off the news! turn off the tv!
Open your eyes and simply be
it’s not revolutionary
to take control of your mind
making way for positivity

Fear controls the herd
like shepherds they have dogs
Its media spin its just absurd
So calibrate your minds eye
life doesn’t have to be a struggle
give yourself to the cosmic love
there is a world of possibility

A tiny pebble makes ripples
carry the small change
then ride the waves
The tiny acts of defiance
are what define a century
Pankhurst to Mandela
all the ladies and fellas
We are powerful beyond imagining
Alone or together this is a reckoning

Regurgitation Education.


Dangerous to mix fallacy and fantasy
when digesting the media haphazardly
acting spontaneous is a rarity
in a system of complete conformity
Why do we have austerity
when we can make poverty history
maybe it’s because we have planned poverty
like that has control on the economy
it’s a false dichotomy

you have to ask yourself
why did they lie to me
why do they lie to me

it’s all about the powerful and powerless
the powerless make you feel worthless
Which makes them appear powerful
But we got to remain hopeful
and remember we are the powerful
we number in the billions while
they remain in the hundreds

Together we roar louder than thunder
Together we can make the system go under