Never again we said
As we bled red white and blue
Bodies barely going cold
Before more weapons are sold

No money for the old, infirm or sick
Who needs bread when we have bombs
These politicians think we’re so thick
Just look what good it did to Homs!

Red button bashing bullshitters
Puffing their chest to the sound of screams
Face melting bravado trendsetters
Presenting nightmares as your dreams

Give peace a chance a silly little stance
Dance to the devils war drum to your last
Duck and cover that mushroom blast
Our nation trapped in a nuclear trance

This Space Is All Of Ours


Peace isn’t profitable
Our protest is too suitable
Need to grow the movement
Bring it back to the local
Reclaim our communities

The people have the power
The power of the rich
Is the power to deceive
Steal, rob and thieve

Sleepwalking society
My school teachers lied to me
It wasn’t about my education
It was about our indoctrination
The mental slavery of a whole nation

Disarm Terror


The weapon of the terrorist is fear, their ammunition is hatred. We cannot give into fear, nor can we allow ourselves to be fueled by hatred, only hope and love can conquer fear and hatred.

We have to hope for a better world, we have to fight to make a better world possible, because there is a sickness in our societies. Greed has become the dominant force, marginalisation of the poor, the dispossed, give way to a lack of identity and self worth. People are afraid not only of the terrorist, but of paying their bills, of living hand to mouth. Search in your heart and you will feel this sickness, because we are one, and it exists within all of us, when one feels pain, it effects us all.

It is easy to begin to hate, it is easier to hate than to love, it is easier to hate than to understand. There is no excusing acts of terorrism, but these problems cannot be solved by more secuirty, more bombs, more weapons of war, more bullets, these are weapons of hatred, weapons of fear, and they can only add more fuel to the fire, they can only help these evil forces grow. Only through the power of unity, only through loving your neighbour, loving those around you, can we create the bonds that can halt these forces in their tracks.

We are not powerless, we can effect change, the truth is we are powerful beyond measure, and those that have placed themselves in a position of power, have tricked us, robbing us of our strength and sapping us of our power. The greatest act of defiance in the face of this, the true display of strength, is give yourself to those around you, help those that need it, and together we can overcome any adversity and challenge.

If we do not, the alternative is to horrible to imagine, the rising forces of racism and xenophobia, it is a drama we all have seen the ending to, at we all know it is not a happy one.

If you can remember only one thing remember this; the more fear you feel, the more hatred you spread, the stronger they become, the more power that you give them.

Contemplate Content


Waking up to the sunset,
Looking out at the sea
Its a simple pleasure man,
We can all get for free.
You can keep your oil dollars,
I don’t want a dime.
The joys I’m looking for,
Money can’t buy.
A smile comes cheap
With a goodnight sleep
Peaceful dreams
Accompanying pleasant things
Moonlight walks
Where money doesn’t talk
Forget these tv drunks
Greedy fiends
I’m searching for my soul man,
Nourishment is the plan
Lose myself in my own imagination
A great book a gentle breeze
Now that’s my kinda destination
Learn to live and take it easy
Work for your mind, body n soul
Don’t be no slave to the system

We have a war crisis.


The Refugee Crisis as we are calling it here in the west is in actual fact a war crisis. War creates refugees, it is a certainty that where there are wars people will flee, kind of like taxes – this goes back a very, very long way.

There are currently 42 conflicts happening in the world, with the UK not having a single year of peace in over the last one hundred years. It should come at no surprise then that there is a refugee crisis. However the response and coverage of this “refugee crisis” – has not only been extremely one sided and centred around Europe, it complete flies in the face of the facts.

Media coverage would have us believe that hordes are banging on Britain gates, as they try to get to this green and pleasant land, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Europe is not under siege by refugees, in actual fact a tiny amount of the worlds refugees are even attempting to get into Europe.

The main figures we have to go on are from the end of 2014 (2015 figures won’t be released until later this year), we have of course seen one million refugees and migrants (big distinction between the two) enter Europe over the course of 2015, but even if we deduct this from the world figure, it still doesn’t take much of a dent of the world refugee overall total, so lets look at the figures in greater depth.
At the end of 2014 59.5 million people around the world were displaced, of that figure 19.5 million were refugees, roughly 42,500 people became refugees, asylum seekers, or internally displaced every single day and it has reached the point where 1 in every 122 human beings on the planet is effected by this.

That one million don’t seem like so much any more does it? And when we look at the response by the developing world, it gets even more shameful for Europe, considering that developing countries host 86% of the worlds refugees. G20 countries meanwhile account for 85% of the worlds GDP, so it is clear where their priorities lie (profit, not people).

Whether we like it or not, this is a global problem, and in many cases a problem we have made worse, through western militarism. If we can find the money to bomb these peoples homes, surely we can find the money to provide one for them?

So how is it that the majority of the burden rests on developing countries, when we clearly have the lions share of the worlds resources, therefore the greatest capacity to help.
These figures are not new either, yet we haven’t heard about the refugee crisis engulfing Africa, or Asia – it only became a problem when some of these poor souls wanted to get into fortress Europe.

The response to this global problem has been wholly inadequate, the developed world has been extremely quick to add fuel to the fire by bombing countries, creating more displacement, but it has been very slow to help the victims of these wars. In fact if the developed world had taken the refugee problems seriously years ago, there would be no crisis.

There are solutions to this western created war crisis, first and foremost stop the arms industries flooding the world with western weapons, fuelling war. Our leaders need to have a commitment to peace and diplomacy, while it supports regional actors in with their internal and international development.

The refugees safety needs to be the chief concern, and this global crisis demands a global response, the world have to come together and work out a program and some concrete policies on how they are going to solve this. The problem is bigger than any one national state, even if the majority of the burden is falling on states that are out of sight and out of mind.

We are told that helping them encourages more of them, well they exist whether they exist in Europe, whether they are struggling to survive in the Middle East or Africa, they are human beings, who are in need because of conflict.

We can need to be investing in skills, training, integration, education which not only can help refugees thrive, while giving them the opportunity to begin rebuilding their lives – it can also provide some much needed investment in our own economies, providing jobs and infrastructure.

Refugees are quickly getting demoted to a number, and it all becoming a numbers game, but we are dealing with people, and this refugee crisis demands a human response and until our government stops putting the arms dealers and their spreadsheets first, this war crisis has no end in sight.

Hopefully the world will unite in creating a positive and peaceful solution but I will hold my breath on that one. Maybe if we declared war on refugees the worlds powers would be as enthusiastic about dealing with the aftermath of wars, as they are waging them.





We have this imagination of immigration
built up through media manipulation
led to believe they’re taking over the nation
its a game of misdirection to sow division
take a dose of the truth its a hard pill to swallow
Immigration is not destroying our nation
Bankers and greed have plundered and thieved
We are all being deceived
Successive governments have ripped us off
while the culprits have been let off
The railways, energy firms, water
all of these made money for our governments
they sold them off and sold us out
Believe me truth without a shadow of doubt
Yet here we are on the precipice looking over the edge
we still blame the powerless while the hedge fund manager
gets to drive around in his million pound car
on his way to his million pound house
Now ask yourself this who writes the laws,
who funds the parties and who lives a life free of struggle?
Is it the poor family fleeing persecution or war
Or maybe the people coming here seeking a better life
Those powerless and disposed just trying to do their best
they don’t control the state of this nation
Those that control the media they have made this creation
Until we stand up and face the real enemy
that of our own government and the corporatocracy
that is destroying our democracy we will continue
to descend into lunacy…

One member one vote – but please vote our way.


Left Unity a party that was built with internal democracy in mind, with yearly elections a prominent feature of how we hold the party to account. We operate a one member, one vote system, where ideally members are free agents to choose who they want representing them.

How turned off I have been then to see key groups within LU (no groups are recognised as a subset of LU, so these operate within LU unofficially) releasing list after list of who their members should vote for. It makes a mockery of our democracy, and is completely alien to the principals LU is trying to further within the workers movement, and the wider community.

The kind of politics I’ve started to witness forming around and within Left Unity this past year, is exactly what I joined LU to get away from. It was a breath of fresh air away from the sectarian ramblings of madmen, cultist despots and thought police.

It will be a sad day for LU, for the left and also the masses of working people that have been alienated by the left if anyone of these outside factions assumes control through majority representation on the NC, as we already know they vote the same, free debate and thought within the party would be finished, and as a result the party would be finished also.

Vote however YOU want, vote for what YOU believe yourself, vote for what YOU believe in – I don’t know kind of left politics you’re trying to build or be part of, but I’ll tell you what we don’t want, uniformity of thought, uniformity of process, – centralised control over how we should act. We joined LU to get away from these failed past models of thought control, and alienation.

Down with this democratic deficit, this undemocratic beast we have nurtured within the party and allowed to grow unchallenged, enough with this shit! Normal people unaffiliated to any of these vultures, without some kind of sectarian loyalty to this brand of socialism or the next, are going to be left behind, they’re already being pushed out.

What is socialism? What is the workers movement, what does it mean to be involved with left politics? What does it mean to you to be a member of the working class? I don’t need to look to someone for the answer, I don’t need to report to someone for “suggestions” – neither do I need to think about it, because I feel it in my gut, it is in my heart.

Some of these positions are representative, and I find it extremely difficult to understand how someone can truly represent sections of the party, if they being forced (coerced/softpower) to vote in a way which has no direct link to the people they are representing.

This is a problem that Left Unity needs to face up to and address, otherwise democracy within the party is a mockery, a thinly veiled facade and LU will fall even quicker into the abyss of failure, a train wreck and a failed experiment. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want that to happen.

How angry we would of all been if the current EC or NC released a list telling people who they should vote for, what kind of party do we want to be involved with? Like the Grand Old Duke of York marching his men up and down the hill, how long are we going to be stuck doing the same things over and over again? The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

Lets face it the left has been a sinking ship for a long time now, with groups diminishing in size and capability, we can either bury our head in the sand and think everything is peachy fucking creamy, or we can look at ourselves, because we can spruce it up with fancy words and theories as to why the left is weakening, ultimately we are to blame for it, groups are to blame for it. We either change, adapt, advance and grow, or we are dead, and we have lost.

The most positive forces which have come to the fore in recent years haven’t come from the traditionally walked path, like the FocusE15 Mothers, there is a lot of hope and new ideas circulating not only in the UK but in the world, so lets end this stale politics of the past, it is time for a new kind of politics.

The path to unity is not paved with swords, the road to socialism is built upon the cooperation and friendship of the people.