Nature’s Stake


Beating heart of Gaia crying out in pain
I feel your sadness I feel your shame
Beating heart of Gaia crying out in pain
I look around you’ll never be the same

Swimming through vast oceans of emptiness
Wading through the plastic wasteland
When did our situation become so hopeless
Remember this was a beautiful land?

Throw the planet a life line
We’re running out of time

No birds sing when the sky turns grey
Nature evading a dystopian tarmac paradise
Our civilization tossed aside thrown away
Bet on our future hand now cast the dice

Looking over this planet cemetery
we turned out to be the enemy

Slumber Party Society


Wake the fuck up!
You think working a 9-5
not rocking the boat
burying your head in the sand
is going to protect you?
Look around!
The world is falling to shit
Constant war
out of control inequality
This aint the titantic
but you aint going to float forever
I’m alright jack!
Do you think if you
sit quietly and play by the rules
you will get your fucking turn?
The only rule they play by
is the rich get paid
the poor get fucked
Now wake the fuck up!

Hail Simmonds!


Simmonds thinks he’s Caesar
he reminds me of Caligula
Fiddle as Northampton burns!

He’s a school builder
not a crime fighter
Simmonds school
he played us for fools

Blood stained legacy
long after he’s history
the truth will be a mystery
Corruption in Northampton
is a state of normality

Police force on all fours
you tell me the cause
Who needs officers
we have an academy!
Money making offers
enriching Tory coffers

Crime is on the rise
so lets go roundabout
Its time for your goodbyes!
Enough with the sell off
the great pcc rip off
Its time now mr.pcc
why don’t you f off

The Moses Massacre


We talk of the migrant crisis not a humanitarian crisis.
not a war crisis caused by dropped bombs on villages
We talk of a migrant crisis, not a desperation crisis
as starved suffering people are forced to wonder the earth
In biblical times we called it an exodus this is an execution
Listen to the media it is referred to as a humanitarian intervention
turn to the back of page 67 for the correction

What of our moral obligation to help those we made suffer
you can keep police man of the world what we need is a mother
Where we spread hate and fear there should be love
it shouldn’t be bombs we’re dropping down from above
You can’t heal the world at the end of a gun
We turn a blind eye but don’t turn the other cheek
God said the meek would inherit the earth
yet the future of the earth is now looking so bleak

Where is our humanity and our compassion
instead we’re all consumed with whatever the latest fashion
Bodies washing up on beaches it isn’t all peaches and cream
but what about your suntan what about your holiday view?
stop being so selfish seldom are we 100% British
Who cares about the keys to the kingdom
when the kingdom is built upon the bones of the dead

We talk of a migrant crisis but the true crisis
is the crisis of our own humanity
Now if you have got a soul left to save
its time to stand up and be brave
Cut through the media bullshit and the political spin
its time we helped so stop reading and lets begin.

The Destitue Democracy


Democracy is in peril my friends
forces greater than you or I
Conspire in the night
They seek to steal it as we slumber

Democracy is in peril my friends
We sleep walk into our fate
A fate of destitution and destruction
Where man and beast are one the same

Democracy is in peril my friends
Power rests in the hands of the minority
While the majority fends in the urban wilds
As the few live in luxury and opulence

Democracy is in peril my friends
Corruption has seeped into our society
The maxim of the age is greed is good
And might is right; we need a Robin Hood

Democracy is in peril my friends
the powerful stand as tyrants
Modern day kings of capitalism
You and I their faithful subjects

Democracy is in danger,
It is on its last legs.

Democracy lies on its deathbed
About to take its final breath
It’s time you found your voice
Before there is nothing left

A collection of Haiku


Haiku #1
tell us we are wrong
little birds wont sing your song
smug, sneer, leer and cheer

Haiku #2
Government Madness
Political Correctness
Suicide Destiny

Haiku #3
Darkness Surrounds Us
Light long since abandoned
We must shine brightly

Haiku #4
Forces of evil
Triumph over this world now
remaining hopeful

Haiku #5
A fast beating heart
can transform into a stone
Still moved by the wind

Haiku #6
The greatest of trees
has the strongest growing roots
An axe will still chop

Haiku #7
Hidden beneath snow
A land of the hidden green
All returns to dust

Haiku #8
Blanket of purity
Melts away when the sun shines
never to return

Haiku #9
Dawn of a new age
the future becomes the past
but people never forget

Haiku #10
The forces combine
fire water earth wind spirit body
The apocalypse comes

Haiku #11
small petals floating
trees swaying in the winds
a hurricane can form

Haiku #12
the smell of spring
fresh flowers through the fingers
trampling grass underfoot

Haiku #13
the crash of thunder
the clash of steel on steel
rivers running red

Haiku #14
the water rises
clouds begin to form
sun always prevails

Haiku #15
Blink of an eye
life passes in a moment
light shines on

Haiku #16
As the seasons change
the fires of life continue to burn
yet all will fade away

Haiku #17
water droplets form
steam clings to the mirrors
fire always burns

Haiku #18
The wind always blows
through all the trees and valleys
yet the sails catch no wind

Haiku #19
snowy winter days
hide all manner of things
but never truth

Haiku #20
in early spring mornings
the dew forms upon the leafs
but the trees still wither

Haiku #21
In the autumn breeze
The animals stalk the night
washed away in sunlight