Slumber Party Society


Wake the fuck up!
You think working a 9-5
not rocking the boat
burying your head in the sand
is going to protect you?
Look around!
The world is falling to shit
Constant war
out of control inequality
This aint the titantic
but you aint going to float forever
I’m alright jack!
Do you think if you
sit quietly and play by the rules
you will get your fucking turn?
The only rule they play by
is the rich get paid
the poor get fucked
Now wake the fuck up!

Famine of the Soul


That emptiness you feel eating away at your soul
Is the suffering that the world feels
The pain and wounds inflicted on one effects us all
We’re all connected we’re all one under the Sun
You know something is wrong but you don’t know what
You can feel it right now eating away at your gut
Your heartaches and you’re not sure why
Sometimes you just want to break down and cry
Its due to the injustice that we take
Its because its our future that is at stake
The planet society its all reaching melting point
So enough of being a defeatist repeating
Whats the fucking point?
The lines that connect us might be invisible
But its this system that is indefensible
And I aint talking about a grand cosmic shift
All that is needed is for you not to take this shit
They brainwash us to think this is how it must be
But look into your heart we were all born free

Journey into dreams



it’s unbelievable what I’ve witnessed with my eyes closed
prophetically fanatically in tune with the universe
a road map through my synapses revealed in verse
this isn’t a relapse its a revelation
a revolution of the mind while the earth revolves around the sun

while it sets just let go of every regret
It’s all been done before, the right and the wrong
the ups and downs the where’s and the hows

close your eyes but open your mind
let the energy flow like a river through your soul
enlightenment isn’t the goal or the destination
the dreams will lead you to your divination

We’ve prostituted our well beings
For these money making machines

The Destitue Democracy


Democracy is in peril my friends
forces greater than you or I
Conspire in the night
They seek to steal it as we slumber

Democracy is in peril my friends
We sleep walk into our fate
A fate of destitution and destruction
Where man and beast are one the same

Democracy is in peril my friends
Power rests in the hands of the minority
While the majority fends in the urban wilds
As the few live in luxury and opulence

Democracy is in peril my friends
Corruption has seeped into our society
The maxim of the age is greed is good
And might is right; we need a Robin Hood

Democracy is in peril my friends
the powerful stand as tyrants
Modern day kings of capitalism
You and I their faithful subjects

Democracy is in danger,
It is on its last legs.

Democracy lies on its deathbed
About to take its final breath
It’s time you found your voice
Before there is nothing left

A Butchers Blade Is Never Dull


Our society has seen more cuts than a surgeons table
we’re tinkering on the brink our society isn’t stable
so god help you if you’re not the most able
What we’re witnessing is biblical yet this aint no fable

There ain’t no happy endings for the poor
War and disease while they do as they please
Champagne caviar dripping on a glass ceiling
Our only view the door slamming shut

Look but don’t touch
Poverty ain’t no lottery
no pot luck we’re always stuck
Too tired fending hand to mouth
to fight from mouth to mind
and this is all by design

The system is enslaved to these machine men
the machinations of these Machiavellian vampires
Money making money laundering soul destroyers
Buzzwords and soundbites puncture wounds to the mind
Try find where democracy freedom and inequality hide
point me in the right direction and we’ll see whose blind

Call it the rat race
We come from behind
Never finishing first
when your working class



We have this imagination of immigration
built up through media manipulation
led to believe they’re taking over the nation
its a game of misdirection to sow division
take a dose of the truth its a hard pill to swallow
Immigration is not destroying our nation
Bankers and greed have plundered and thieved
We are all being deceived
Successive governments have ripped us off
while the culprits have been let off
The railways, energy firms, water
all of these made money for our governments
they sold them off and sold us out
Believe me truth without a shadow of doubt
Yet here we are on the precipice looking over the edge
we still blame the powerless while the hedge fund manager
gets to drive around in his million pound car
on his way to his million pound house
Now ask yourself this who writes the laws,
who funds the parties and who lives a life free of struggle?
Is it the poor family fleeing persecution or war
Or maybe the people coming here seeking a better life
Those powerless and disposed just trying to do their best
they don’t control the state of this nation
Those that control the media they have made this creation
Until we stand up and face the real enemy
that of our own government and the corporatocracy
that is destroying our democracy we will continue
to descend into lunacy…