Cracked Windscreen Called Life


Stuck in the fast lane
And going in reverse
Try put the breaks on
It just makes things worse

On the outside looking in
At the end of my journey
When will it begin
I thought I saw an angel
Yet I’m living in sin

Curtains begin to close
We take our final bow
We smash into the verge
Our souls have one last surge

What is left for us to say?
We lived with our regrets
Now come what may.

Contemplate Content


Waking up to the sunset,
Looking out at the sea
Its a simple pleasure man,
We can all get for free.
You can keep your oil dollars,
I don’t want a dime.
The joys I’m looking for,
Money can’t buy.
A smile comes cheap
With a goodnight sleep
Peaceful dreams
Accompanying pleasant things
Moonlight walks
Where money doesn’t talk
Forget these tv drunks
Greedy fiends
I’m searching for my soul man,
Nourishment is the plan
Lose myself in my own imagination
A great book a gentle breeze
Now that’s my kinda destination
Learn to live and take it easy
Work for your mind, body n soul
Don’t be no slave to the system

Oh Why!


I didn’t choose this system
Why should I have to suffer?
I didn’t choose my country
Why should I be proud?
I didn’t choose war
Why can’t we live in peace?
I didn’t choose minimum wage
Why should we go without?
I didn’t choose to get sick
Why should I be forced to pay?
I didn’t choose to lose my job
Why should my family starve?
I didn’t choose for summer to end
Why should I have to go cold?
I didn’t choose to lose my house
Why should I live on the streets?
I didn’t choose for my family to die
Why should I be thrown in care?
I didn’t choose to be born
Why is life not fair?