A rich man wrapped in rags


If it is all about the status
and all about the symbol
your success hangs by a thread
you should to listen to what Marley said;
Get rich on life

It’s not about the things that we collect
unless we are counting memories
Lives too short to be making enemies

You’re trying to fill a cup
with a hole in the bottom
Its a pointless exercise
stand up and rectify

Listen to the voice in your heart
Do you need a better car?
What about those in the dirt?
if you’re not true to yourself
you can travel near or far
searching for the status
and searching for the symbol
but if you want to be successful
you might try closer to home
Maybe then you wouldn’t be so regretful
Now there is no need to get tearful
it is never to late
when its your soul at stake
Its time to do what you feel is right
Then maybe you’ll sleep at night