Foster Vs Labour Democracy


An event took place today that highlighted the dangerous situation we are finding ourselves in, as our democractic insitutions get consumed by money, greed and power. I’m of course referring to the case of a rich Labour donor taking the party to court to overturn one of its internal decisions.

Luckily the court ruled that Corbyn should be on the ballot paper, but image if they had decided that he should not. One man, one rich donor would of overrode the democratic decision of a democratically elected body – the fact we found ourselves in such a situation is surely cause for concern?

Every Labour member, every Labour MP, and every Labour supporter has to ask themselves a few simple question; Who do you want running the Labour Party? Whose interests do you want the Labour Party to represent? Because ultimately people like Micheal Foster have asked themselves this question, and the answer they have come to is that they should control the party and it should represent their views.

Not only is an historical travesty that men like Foster believe this, but recent events have shown they’re not above attacks upon the party and its democracy. How has the Labour Party fallen so far from its noble goals, to the point that one rich donor has the arrogance to take the party to court in order to overturn a decision of the democratically elected NEC?

How entitled are these rich men? Too long have they been able to buy honours, buy favours, buy their way in our society. Our institutions and our political system is becoming so corrupt that the Labour party, the party that was set up to give the people representation in parliament, has backers that think they are more important than the party it self.

Ultimately the case of Foster Vs Labour NEC sums up everything that is wrong with the Labour Party, and why now more than ever we need a movement to change it, why more than ever we need someone to stand up, be it Corbyn, or whoever and say enough is enough, this shit has to stop.