Shut Eye Silent Cry


Sleep an elusive bedfellow
It is stalking me at sunrise
These haunting shadows of despair
Chanting hymns of desperation
A cacophony of frantic cries
Drowning all hope and aspiration


Depression Path


Losing interest in your interests
It’s a warning sign you no longer feel fine
Empty and numb got you feeling dumb
Depression may have you under the thumb

Self hating continually cries out in the night
Dabble in drink and drugs with silent shrugs
Self medicating trying to keep it out of sight
Struggles the morning after the night before
Depression can rip you apart to the core

Hopelessness and despair no surprise life isn’t fair
It gets even worse when you no longer care
But dare to go outside find someone to confide
Lack of confidence have you trying to hide
You probably have depression by your side

Suicidal spikes penetrating your thoughts
Every action you take feels for nought
Lonely mirror hanging upon my wall
Why is it that I constantly feel so small
Depression it can be oh so cruel

No need to suffocate in silence
It doesn’t make you feeble or weak
You are not meek it is a evil streak
Seek help and stand tall in defiance
Depression can be defeated if it’s treated

Silent Shout


Silent struggle you can see it in the eyes
The silent sorrow of one hiding lies
Wishing away tomorrow day after day
A scream without any sound
Closemouthed cry heaven bound
A whisper that makes a murmur
The voice devoid of any fight
A whimper barely audible through the night
The pain of shattered glass
Too many pieces to pick up

A lonely lost little lamb
In a field of nightmares
No matter how far you run
You cannot escape yourself
Your healths a loaded gun
Get to your feet try to move on
Let your hair down have some fun
But every time you see a mirror
Your face you cannot hide
From those silent sorrow filled eyes

Suffocating On My Soliloquy


I’ve been to the lowest low
down deeper than the deep blue
drowning in the depths of despair
from that view life isn’t very fair

suffocating on my soliloquy
suffocating on my soliloquy

A million voices a million minds
chanting simultaneously subconsciously
animosity of my animal brain
constantly draining its a strain

suffocating on my soliloquy

live a life of shame
debauchery to mask the misery
to you it may be history
but its my past present and future
because no matter how hard I try
I’m suffocating on my soliloquy