First vote of parliament, a no confidence one?


As we draw closer to the vote on Labour’s amendments could this be the first of many votes of no confidence in this limping and lifeless administration?

Corbyn has clearly played it safe with his proposed amendments, when you look at the current political environment, how could you vote against ending the pay cap? How can you vote against lifting the pay cap for the firefighters who bravely tackled the Grenfell blaze? How can you vote against increasing police and firefighter numbers in the wake of back to back terrorist attacks?

Labour have been clear austerity has implications, and events seem to be proving them right. There will be those Tory MPs who share that view, and after all, will want to distance themselves from that agenda. What a perfect way to do it by voting down, or abstaining from the vote. Throwing these feelers out to rebel Tories on these issues will also allow the Labour Party to know which MPs may be willing to vote through a future Labour Queen’s Speech, if the need arises.

That will clearly appeal to the Tories, and it also provides them with a perfect opportunity to bring down May at the first hurdle. If they vote for these amendments it will set the tone for this parliament. A parliament where May will have to throw a lot of backbenchers a lot of bones if she wants to stay sitting upon her throne. Never underestimate the ruthlessness of the nasty party, after all they dumped Thatcher, and May try as she might, is no Iron Lady.

Yet this is also a test for Corbyn, considering some of the rather high profile rebels within his own party, and their consistent refusal to support the Labour leadership.

Thus when the results of this vote come in, the political picture will start to get a lot clearer.


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