Profit, suit you sire.


Cry out in despair as our futures reduced to ash
Prosperity for the powerful, poverty for all
The absurdity goes right to the core of the system
Obscurity of the button pushing power plays
Jack out remove your social programming

Subservient like a Victorian servant
It’s not prim and proper to make demands
Your betters know what’s best
You can’t know what’s in your own interest
So defer decision making all to me
I already have it with all this money
When push comes to shove you’ll see

There is profit in this poverty pyramid
Mind your step there are plenty of traps
But not for me I’m the lord with all the land
Have you got a light for my red tape bonfire
Now sit and wonder why we are all going ape

Lives are worthless, profit from the powerless
The mantra of the madman money men

DUP feast on the fruit of the money tree, while public sector workers starve.


They cheered and whooped with delight as they denied a better standard of living to the overworked nurses, to the stressed out police officers and brave firefighters. Remember these words: “I would like to thank the brave men and women of our emergency services,” clearly that thanks from Theresa May didn’t extend to providing them with a decent wage, or a properly funded working environment.

If public sector workers wanted to be real useful, because obviously saving lives and keeping society operating isn’t useful enough, they really want to get into a situation where they can keep the Tories in power. As we know, no price is too big when it comes to helping them cling on to power.

What effect will that decision, and the way they delighted in it have on morale in the NHS, or the fire crews who tackled Grenfell? How can any of those Tory ministers turn up at the next tragedy, while falling over themselves to praise the work of our emergency and public services? Repeatedly this government has been strong on words but short on deeds, and we simply cannot take it any more.

Our public services have had a seven year onslaught, the workers in them are at breaking point and while the MPs give themselves a juicy little pay rise to their already generous salaries, we have nurses surviving on food banks.

Shame on you Theresa May, shame on you and shame on the Tories. It’s a national disgrace the way the Conservatives have treated our public sector workers. We as citizens cannot allow this to continue, when the next election comes and who knows that could be this year, we have to vote them out! Enough is enough.

Stand Together


On benefits struggling to pay bills
We stand with you!
Single mother working two jobs
We stand with you!
Grieving over the austerity kills
We stand with you!
Victim of the callous cuts
We stand with you!
Home made cell
We stand with you!
Freezing to death
We stand with you!
Empty cupboards
We stand with you!
No roof over your head
We stand with you!
Being driven to suicide
We stand with you!
Scapegoated citizens
We stand with you!

Stand together to know your strength
A thousand whispers make waves
Have no doubt they fear our unity
Stay silent no more!
Make our power known.

First vote of parliament, a no confidence one?


As we draw closer to the vote on Labour’s amendments could this be the first of many votes of no confidence in this limping and lifeless administration?

Corbyn has clearly played it safe with his proposed amendments, when you look at the current political environment, how could you vote against ending the pay cap? How can you vote against lifting the pay cap for the firefighters who bravely tackled the Grenfell blaze? How can you vote against increasing police and firefighter numbers in the wake of back to back terrorist attacks?

Labour have been clear austerity has implications, and events seem to be proving them right. There will be those Tory MPs who share that view, and after all, will want to distance themselves from that agenda. What a perfect way to do it by voting down, or abstaining from the vote. Throwing these feelers out to rebel Tories on these issues will also allow the Labour Party to know which MPs may be willing to vote through a future Labour Queen’s Speech, if the need arises.

That will clearly appeal to the Tories, and it also provides them with a perfect opportunity to bring down May at the first hurdle. If they vote for these amendments it will set the tone for this parliament. A parliament where May will have to throw a lot of backbenchers a lot of bones if she wants to stay sitting upon her throne. Never underestimate the ruthlessness of the nasty party, after all they dumped Thatcher, and May try as she might, is no Iron Lady.

Yet this is also a test for Corbyn, considering some of the rather high profile rebels within his own party, and their consistent refusal to support the Labour leadership.

Thus when the results of this vote come in, the political picture will start to get a lot clearer.



Magic money tree
give us a war
some trident missiles
plus the bankers want more

Oh magic money tree
we can’t do without
the fruits of our labour
give us the benefit of the doubt

Magic money tree
Its an autumn of austerity
A winter of discontent

Magic money tree
decimated a decade

Theresa May


Theresa May, you should have stayed at home yesterday
Ah-ha words can’t describe the election and the way you lied
These games you play they’re going to end with Tory tears some day
Ah-ha Theresa May it shouldn’t ever have to end this way
It’s 53′ and that’s the year that it’s always been
We got your message outside downing street
Conditions normal and you’re staying put
Theresa May, is Thatcher proud of her clone today
Ah-ha the stability you give, it’s never going to fade away
Theresa May, it shouldn’t ever have to end this way
Ah-ha Theresa May, you shouldn’t have taken our dreams away
It’s 53′ and that’s the year that it’s always been
We got your message outside downing street
Conditions normal and you’re staying put
Theresa May, is Thatcher proud of her clone today
Ah-ha the stability you give, it’s never ever going to fade away

Planet Of The …….


Stick your flags to the wall
now it’s time to fall
stop playing the fool
keep your eye on the ball
in a world ruled by the cruel

Nail your colours to the mast
earth approaching its very last
not by a cosmic blast nothing so crass
but by the brass of our entire species
believing it was all an empty thesis

It’s never to late to open our eyes
A cosmic shift a cosmic awakening
It can happen oh so quick
Lets build it back brick by brick
Don’t shut your ears to their cries
We live on a planet where all is one
So we’re never too far gone
What should be our swan song?