offtrack traintrack


living life on a razors edge
sledgehammer my soul
nothing fills this hole
scoring own goals
Minds time to dredge

A lonely whisper is a scream


That little voice in the back of your mind
It always pops up during quiet times
Not quite sure what to make of it
Its offloading all its self doubt
Stalking shadow out and about
Try to outrun the little voice
Foolishly thought I had a choice

First one to the bottom wins….


The fall is always greatest from the top of the cliff
Yet the view is the most majestic
The beating of the waves those hidden caves
You can almost forget the domestic
Just as the tide comes in those caves disappear
Like your problems they will soon reappear
A deep breath prepares you for your trip
Close your eyes and lose your grip
Lost your grip on reality long ago
How long can you cope in the freak show
It’s the last time you ever play the fool
Money a free for all as you free fall
The end of a life just another splash
Crash into the waves as they beat eternal

Money floats but sins sink
Can you be saved from the brink?

Game Of Souls


Corrupt cattle cart taking the sheep to market
Slaughterhouse decrypted deception
Society sold for trinkets and gold
If you can be bought you can be sold
Conveyor belt life illusion decision
Correct the direction the dealer has dealt
The game with high stakes and half baked ideas
the game of souls run by frauds and fools
How many of you have swimming pools
Living lives of luxury in this country?
None, just a lamb on that corrupt cattle cart

He comes in the night when you’re weak
Preys on your humanity and the meek
He tells you everything you want to hear
Even knows the future carries on like a seer
But there is a price to pay if you want to stay
Once that contract has been signed led astray
There is no return policy in this horror story
The fine print is very gory just be wary
On that corrupt cattle cart to market

A Case Of Stigma Sickness


Sanctimonious stigma sickness is screwing me
Mental awareness illness in a field of sheep
Car alarms radio bleeps phone staring shuffling
Sorrow filled blissful ignorance cheap tricks
Broken arm quick fix scrapheap mental condition
Monetary decision dream escape visions
Hearts locked in the recovery position
I never thought I’d be locked in this mental prison