Accountable Shadows


I woke up an alien in a foreign land,
This place I was born in I no longer understand
These sadistic statistics manifesting realistic nightmares
Dystopian Dickensian diatribes realised in the 21st century

Media barons minimizing minority struggles
Proselytizing the news instead of analysing events
Festering racist monopolies running rampant
A ruinous metropolis foreboding times of troubles

Suited rulers ill suited to rule dictating our destinies
Democratic decisions deciding the ruling secrets
Back room talks in darkened rooms controlling supremacies
Faceless and nameless heredities conjuring their concealments

Death Stare


Stalking self doubt
The stuff of nightmares
Asleep at the helm
A lucid dream

Reality a cruel joke
Sinister tale twisters
Plot holes and pit falls
Folks are fools
Folks are fools

Hearts of stone
Hearths of ice

Forfeit a soul
Forgo your mind
Pleasures of the flesh
Are too easy to find

No escape
No escape
There is no escape

From yourself…

Hall of Mirrors


Welcome to the synthetic world
A symposium of deceit
Duplicity in our own demise
Whirled the heads of authenticity

Illusionary truths of conformity
Missionary espousing philistines
Hidden philosophic emission minds
Conformity imagery compulsory

A cremated Ideological heretic
Prodigal propaganda of prophecy
Sympathetic plight decimated
Helotry decoded symmetry