Robot Zombie


I’m sick to death with all this scapegoating
Resurrected the hate of man
It’s the zombie apocalypse of the 20th century

Can you hear the sheep bleating?
Bl-a-m-e t-h-e im-i-gra-ntss
It’s the bloody immigrants!

Brainwashing to the masses
War of the social classes
Keep repeating the message

The dealers of hate
the puppermasters of propaganda
pulling all our strings

Reality begins where the lies end
round a round a circle
society is going round the bend

Civilised society figment of civilisation
Uploaded straight to our synapses
Why our judgement is lapsing

Forget now what it feels like
the touch of humanity
the cold embrace of the smart phone screen

brain entering hibernation mode
rewritten the source code
zombie autopilot activated