Contemplate Content


Waking up to the sunset,
Looking out at the sea
Its a simple pleasure man,
We can all get for free.
You can keep your oil dollars,
I don’t want a dime.
The joys I’m looking for,
Money can’t buy.
A smile comes cheap
With a goodnight sleep
Peaceful dreams
Accompanying pleasant things
Moonlight walks
Where money doesn’t talk
Forget these tv drunks
Greedy fiends
I’m searching for my soul man,
Nourishment is the plan
Lose myself in my own imagination
A great book a gentle breeze
Now that’s my kinda destination
Learn to live and take it easy
Work for your mind, body n soul
Don’t be no slave to the system

Nature’s Stake


Beating heart of Gaia crying out in pain
I feel your sadness I feel your shame
Beating heart of Gaia crying out in pain
I look around you’ll never be the same

Swimming through vast oceans of emptiness
Wading through the plastic wasteland
When did our situation become so hopeless
Remember this was a beautiful land?

Throw the planet a life line
We’re running out of time

No birds sing when the sky turns grey
Nature evading a dystopian tarmac paradise
Our civilization tossed aside thrown away
Bet on our future hand now cast the dice

Looking over this planet cemetery
we turned out to be the enemy

Slumber Party Society


Wake the fuck up!
You think working a 9-5
not rocking the boat
burying your head in the sand
is going to protect you?
Look around!
The world is falling to shit
Constant war
out of control inequality
This aint the titantic
but you aint going to float forever
I’m alright jack!
Do you think if you
sit quietly and play by the rules
you will get your fucking turn?
The only rule they play by
is the rich get paid
the poor get fucked
Now wake the fuck up!

Famine of the Soul


That emptiness you feel eating away at your soul
Is the suffering that the world feels
The pain and wounds inflicted on one effects us all
We’re all connected we’re all one under the Sun
You know something is wrong but you don’t know what
You can feel it right now eating away at your gut
Your heartaches and you’re not sure why
Sometimes you just want to break down and cry
Its due to the injustice that we take
Its because its our future that is at stake
The planet society its all reaching melting point
So enough of being a defeatist repeating
Whats the fucking point?
The lines that connect us might be invisible
But its this system that is indefensible
And I aint talking about a grand cosmic shift
All that is needed is for you not to take this shit
They brainwash us to think this is how it must be
But look into your heart we were all born free

A Birds Tale


You’re not a bird said the eagle to the crow
You can’t fly as high as me
look how high I can go!

The crow flew after him
try as he might
but it was no good
the eagle flew out of sight

so off the crow went
on his merry way
What a terrible start to his day

A robin the crow found
On a tree branch stood proud
You’re not a bird the robin did say
look at my red breast
As he fluttered away

When the crow looked down
no red was to be found
The crow flew up
he did not want to stay

Twit-to made the crow jump
He hit into a tree with a loud thump
Looking down on him there was an owl
You’re not a bird, I’ll show you how
Then the owls head moved right around

It startled the crow
he flew away quick
he did not know how
but afraid he was
he couldn’t stop now

Then the crow heard a beautiful sound
There he looked on another bird
came flying down

It was a white bird
what he did not know
There he shared his tale of woe
I’ll help you the bird did say
It was a dove friendly
and in love

So they went back
where the birds could see
they squaked and they shouted
we are birds now sit and learn
together the two danced
as happy as can be
there is power in numbers
just wait and see!
As the two birds sung
as loud as can be
more flocked to them
as many as can be

Hail Simmonds!


Simmonds thinks he’s Caesar
he reminds me of Caligula
Fiddle as Northampton burns!

He’s a school builder
not a crime fighter
Simmonds school
he played us for fools

Blood stained legacy
long after he’s history
the truth will be a mystery
Corruption in Northampton
is a state of normality

Police force on all fours
you tell me the cause
Who needs officers
we have an academy!
Money making offers
enriching Tory coffers

Crime is on the rise
so lets go roundabout
Its time for your goodbyes!
Enough with the sell off
the great pcc rip off
Its time now mr.pcc
why don’t you f off