A collection of Haiku


Haiku #1
tell us we are wrong
little birds wont sing your song
smug, sneer, leer and cheer

Haiku #2
Government Madness
Political Correctness
Suicide Destiny

Haiku #3
Darkness Surrounds Us
Light long since abandoned
We must shine brightly

Haiku #4
Forces of evil
Triumph over this world now
remaining hopeful

Haiku #5
A fast beating heart
can transform into a stone
Still moved by the wind

Haiku #6
The greatest of trees
has the strongest growing roots
An axe will still chop

Haiku #7
Hidden beneath snow
A land of the hidden green
All returns to dust

Haiku #8
Blanket of purity
Melts away when the sun shines
never to return

Haiku #9
Dawn of a new age
the future becomes the past
but people never forget

Haiku #10
The forces combine
fire water earth wind spirit body
The apocalypse comes

Haiku #11
small petals floating
trees swaying in the winds
a hurricane can form

Haiku #12
the smell of spring
fresh flowers through the fingers
trampling grass underfoot

Haiku #13
the crash of thunder
the clash of steel on steel
rivers running red

Haiku #14
the water rises
clouds begin to form
sun always prevails

Haiku #15
Blink of an eye
life passes in a moment
light shines on

Haiku #16
As the seasons change
the fires of life continue to burn
yet all will fade away

Haiku #17
water droplets form
steam clings to the mirrors
fire always burns

Haiku #18
The wind always blows
through all the trees and valleys
yet the sails catch no wind

Haiku #19
snowy winter days
hide all manner of things
but never truth

Haiku #20
in early spring mornings
the dew forms upon the leafs
but the trees still wither

Haiku #21
In the autumn breeze
The animals stalk the night
washed away in sunlight

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