Democracy is not about ticking a box every five fucking years
this hate filled shame filled cess pit of corruption and evil
democracy is ultimately power to the fucking people!
We didn’t sign up to this and we don’t even resist
I don’t know about you but my life aint all bliss
Every right we have we had to fight and take it
Now what is going on they’re working to break it
Democracy aint deals done behind closed doors
turning up every five years to do your one and only chore
Its time we held these corrupt evil bastards to account
Have you checked their bank accounts?
1% own the same wealth as 55% of the population
The figures are so massive we’re talking trillions
Yet billions are in poverty hank marvin
Where is the justice? We’re stuck in two worlds
A world for the rich and a hell for the poor
They can call it sods law but these laws are made to be broken
The media are complicit because not a word is spoken
The power rests within each and everyone of us
We don’t need to rely on help from above or below
Its the unity of the people that can help peace grow
People of poverty are the people of true power
Rise up brothers and sisters this is our hour

Apple and Eve


That emptiness you feel eating away at your soul
Is the suffering that the world feels
The pain and wounds inflicted on one effects us all
We’re all connected we’re all one under the Sun
You know something is wrong but you don’t know what
You can feel it right now eating away at your gut
Your heartaches and you’re not sure why
Sometimes you just want to break down and cry
Its due to the injustice that we take
Its because its our future that is at stake
The planet society its all reaching melting point
So enough of being a defeatist repeating
Whats the fucking point?
The lines that connect us might be invisible
But its this system that is indefensible
And I aint talking about a grand cosmic shift
All that is needed is for you not to take this shit
They brainwash us to think this is how it must be
But look into your heart we were all born free

A rich man wrapped in rags


If it is all about the status
and all about the symbol
your success hangs by a thread
you should to listen to what Marley said;
Get rich on life

It’s not about the things that we collect
unless we are counting memories
Lives too short to be making enemies

You’re trying to fill a cup
with a hole in the bottom
Its a pointless exercise
stand up and rectify

Listen to the voice in your heart
Do you need a better car?
What about those in the dirt?
if you’re not true to yourself
you can travel near or far
searching for the status
and searching for the symbol
but if you want to be successful
you might try closer to home
Maybe then you wouldn’t be so regretful
Now there is no need to get tearful
it is never to late
when its your soul at stake
Its time to do what you feel is right
Then maybe you’ll sleep at night

The D-Factor? Leaders Debate..


Considering all the debating that went on about the debates, it seems like we spent far more time discussing how these debates should go on, than actually, well watching the debates. It was painfully clear however why Cameron kicked up such a fuss and had to get dragged kicking and screaming into these debates because he just wasn’t very good.
The saving grace of the debates themselves had to have been the three anti-austerity amigos, Leanne Wood, Nicola Sturgeon and Natalie Bennet, all of whom saying things which we don’t hear often enough in politics. If ever there was an advert for having more women in frontline politics last night had to be it, the men came across as weak, uninspiring, lifeless and limp – kind of like a head in shoulders advert. The three anti-austerity amigos however spoke from the heart, and put some much needed sense and humanity into a political system which with each passing day is becoming more abstract and alien to most of us.

Farage didn’t even need to be there, they could of replaced him with a sock puppet that just regularly blamed foreigners for their problems, Cameron and Clegg still seem to think that Labour somehow caused a global financial crash by “borrowing” too much, even though borrowing levels only went up after bailing out the banks and they’ve borrowed more than every Labour government combined, in the space of five years. Miliband apart from not saying anything really meaningful seemed to think he hosting one of those late night gambling programs, and on top of that watching Clegg and Cameron have their lovers tiff was like watching a married couple in the throes of divorce arguing over who got to keep that favorite (broken) record.

So how lucky we were that the powers that be over at ITV, our lord and masters that broadcast us our democracy in a nice two hour program decided in their infinite wisdom to have the SNP, Greens and Plaid Cymru on. Yet the format was missing something, maybe they should have given the audience rotten veggies and some eggs to hurl at the candidates when they started talking bullshit, or turned it into some kind of x-factor phone in competition, called it the D-Factor. It just wasn’t long enough and at times it felt like no one had enough time to say what they wanted, one debate was and is not enough let us hope that the anti-austerity message got through in time, even if it hasn’t – I think some serious questions need to be raised about the state of our democracy.