Northampton Council Meeting of Contempt



Northampton Borough Council has shown complete and utter contempt for the chamber, the position and most importantly the people of Northampton, as they spend their last full meeting before the elections patting themselves on the back and electioneering.

They seem to have forgotten the problems facing the administration, and will face up until the time of the election, they seem to have completely forgotten that their position is to represent the people that elected them.

I wish I could say this kind of behaviour shocked me, surprised me even but time and again they have ignored the concerns of residents, time and again they have ignored our views and warnings, and time and again they have put their own interests ahead of the people of Northampton.

Lets not forget how the Chron have played into the egoist fantasies of the council leader Mr.Mackintosh without a week going by when his face isn’t offending my computer screen. I could write endlessly listing the failures of this council, but everyone living in the town is already well aware of them.

They seem to be living in a different town to you and I, for among their many glowing achievements (which the council recognised) were the Northgate bus station, which has been a complete and utter disaster, causing untold amount of traffic delays, let alone the distress it has caused bus users and the general public.

Mary Markham even goes on to congratulate them all on how well they have done at combatting homelessness, even though figures released suggest homelessness has increased year on year during their control of the council.

The only shocking thing from the whole night is that the Labour group walked out in protest, finally an opposition – shame they are only four years too late. It would have been great if they had shown this kind of passion while we have had to put up this this lot.

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2 thoughts on “Northampton Council Meeting of Contempt

  1. John Dickie

    Stephen Just seen your comment and I have posted a longer one on facebook but frankly there is nothing new in this tactic,using the last meeting to keep the troops happy,what is reprehensible is the Labour group-it was not a gesture of opposition or even resistance,it was a major political fuck-up.It was the one meeting in the cycle that they might have got press and been able to expose the Tory posturing and even present some alternative solutions-they could even have proposed their manifesto which at least would have to have been printed in the Council minutes.In stead of which they revealed a poverty of ideas and tactics.As I said elsewhere you walk out early in the council cycle to destabalise-not at the last fucking meeting!
    Once again they let the tories off the hook and revealed their inate shallowness.
    As the legendary Jim Royle would say” Tactics-my arse!”

  2. I agree John, Labour definitely dropped the ball and it seemed a little bit of desperation from their part.
    However, I do think that the Cabinet congratulating themselves on things which have been a catastrophic series of errors, while forcing NBC to lay praise on these (failed) initiatives, is insulting.

    I just read your facebook comment, do you think the cabinet system is to blame for a lot of the problems? What is better to replace it?

    Hope you’re well, and we will be seeing you soon 😀
    Peace, love and solidarity

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