You wait ages for a bus, then ten come along all at once…



Just how long are we going to have to suffer because of an ill planned and ill equipped facility? The bus station just does not work, all it takes is one small mistake to happen somewhere, anywhere along a single bus route and then all hell breaks loose.

The council need to act because as it stands the current bus station just isn’t big enough for our bus service. Yes it looks great, the old one hadn’t been updated in years but if it doesn’t actually function properly it could look like the Mona Lisa, for all its worth.

Every week now we are having to put up with long delays, the traffic system grinding to a halt and a massive build up of people on the drapery. All of these things could and should have been avoided when the public first started telling the council about them before the station was even built.

The council steamed ahead of course, and now we are left with a situation where taking a bus ride into town is a gamble, you do not know how long it will take, or what time it will take to get back and this is just not on.

The sooner the council owns up to its mistake the sooner it can put it right, because I for one have had enough of the excuses. It seems everything is always to blame except the bus station it self, just how stupid are we suppose to be?

Regardless of what excuse we are given this week the simple fact is the bus station is not big enough for our bus service, that is all there is to it. It was bad planning and until they put their hands up in the air and admit their mistakes it is unlikely the problem is going to get fixed.

What needs to happen is they need to build a second bus station preferably near the train station which can service national express coaches as well as alleviate the amount of buses using Northgate.

A free shuttle bus should run between the two stations so elderly and vulnerable can get easily into town, as well as those entering by train because as it stands we are one accident or traffic mistake away from gridlock.

Or as the public demand over the old site suggests they build a new bus station on top of the old one, because it may have been ugly and in need of a new lick of paint but it did the job, which is more than can be said for Northgate.

2 thoughts on “You wait ages for a bus, then ten come along all at once…

  1. brian cox

    they are trying to make the useless greenhouse work by cutting out many busses you only have to see what is happening to the acre lane bus this service is the worste it has ever been you never know when they are going to turn up or what sort of driver you are going to get Iwas on one bus the other day and it stopped at the cock hotel lights for 5 minutes even though the lights were green why would you do that

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